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  • Relaxing Environment

    Tranquil, comfortable treatment rooms

  • Advanced adjustments

    Diversified, Gonstead and Activator

  • Accurate Diagnosis

    Comprehensive effective treatment

Welcome to Bishop's Stortford Chiropractic Clinic

Lower Back Pain

Back pain is the most common complaint we see at our clinic. Learn More

Neck and arm pain

Nerve irritation and impingement, Neck sprain and strains to muscles and fibres Learn More

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder problems are common and are often as a result of trauma or wear of the joint. Learn More

Hip and knee pain

Hip and Knee osteoarthiritis, Bursitis - tendonitis. Learn More


Whiplash and neck trauma, Neck sprain and strain injury.. Learn More

General Conditions

Including Planta facitis, Heel and ankle pains and Osteoarthiritis. Learn More

Prevent pain with correct posture

'Mind your posture!' to help prevent and find relief from a whole host of back and spinal problems. Check out our free posture advice sheets to learn more about keeping a good posture and making your life pain free.

Chiropractic Treatment and exercise

Successful Rehabilitaion

To get the most from chiropractic treatment you should combine it with exercise, regardless of your type of injury, age and level of ability. Core stability exercise is the most important to concentrate on.

Is doing these exercises alone enough?

Suitable exercises are an adjunct to your chiropractic care. They will strengthen your spine and improve your ability to cope with daily demands. Periodic Chiropractic care (maintenance care) is often necessary to ensure you stay in optimum health.

How do I correct my muscle imbalance?

Your personal programme will include core stability exercises and target flexibility, endurance and co-ordination.