Injury prevention in Running

Here at Bishops Stortford Chiropractic Clinic we have seen many running injuries. If you are new to running, it’s imperative that you build up slowly. Perhaps start with some run/walks. Start at shorter distances and gradually increase your distance. Set yourself realistic weekly goals, and you’ll reduce the risk of a running injury and be more likely to reach your goal or target. Your REST DAYS are as equally important as your Training Days. Take the opportunity to ice any areas of soreness. Stretch all your muscles in your limbs and your spine, as you use your whole body when you run. It’s also important you refuel your body, so get some good nutritional advice. If you have any kind of niggle, most of us are aware of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) particularly with acute injuries such as an ankle sprain or shin splints, but there are other types of injury associated with running. Invest in a decent pair of supportive trainers. Go to a shop which can provide expert advice. If your trainers are wearing heavily on the sole and you have ran more than 500 miles in them, replace them! Worn shoes lose their shock absorbing capability and this will put more strain on your body and increase the likelihood of injury. If you have a niggle which isn’t going away, or may be getting worse, give us a call here at Bishops Stortford Chiropractic Clinic on 01279 466841.

Already Injured??

Are you suffering from injury? Tired of being in pain?

At Bishops Stortford Chiropractic Surgery we will provide you with a personalised rehabilitation program based on your specific needs, objectives, current state of health and life stage (i.e Pregnant, Athlete, Senior Citizen) The emphasis is on improving posture and function of the spine, strengthening the relevant muscles to support the Chiropractic re-alignment ensuring optimum function. The exercises are safe, effective and can easily be done at home without the need for specialist equipment. The end result is your body being more robust and able to cope with the daily stresses that you put it through. To learn more or to book an appointment Contact Us