Injury prevention in Rugby

It is important to remember, as with any sport, that prevention is better than cure! Warming up and stretching properly before and after any sport is vital to reduce injuries, especially in the frequently affected muscle groups such as the groin and hamstrings. Often, subtle differences in the way you move can place more stress on the joints of our body. The best way to minimise the chances of an injury taking place is to ensure your body is working optimally. Your Chiropractor will be able to assess how your joints and muscles are working, and identify any areas that could potentially lead to an injury. We will then help to address the problem and to strengthen the areas; working with you to ensure your body is functioning as required.

Already Injured??

Are you suffering from injury? Tired of being in pain?

At Bishops Stortford Chiropractic Surgery we will provide you with a personalised rehabilitation program based on your specific needs, objectives, current state of health and life stage (i.e Pregnant, Athlete, Senior Citizen) The emphasis is on improving posture and function of the spine, strengthening the relevant muscles to support the Chiropractic re-alignment ensuring optimum function. The exercises are safe, effective and can easily be done at home without the need for specialist equipment. The end result is your body being more robust and able to cope with the daily stresses that you put it through. To learn more or to book an appointment Contact Us